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NGIS promotes professionalism, cooperation, mutual assistance and sharing of
knowledge and experience related to the advancement of geographic information
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President's Welcome

GIS in the State of Nevada

Here in the State of Nevada we have been fortunate to have some very strong GIS pioneers and leaders that have established the foundation for where the Silver State is today with GIS. For more than 20 years, different parts of the state have been developing and making available datasets and tools for GIS analysis to both citizens and public and private organizations. Partnerships from Federal, State and Local agencies, as well as the private sector, have also continued to carry the GIS torch in the State over the years.

As that torch continues to burn bright, NGIS as an organization, needs to continue the education and outreach efforts called for when it was established. There is still a great deal of work and growth ahead of us. As we position ourselves for the years ahead, the NGIS Board has committed to creating more opportunities to become involved and make a difference. As an organization we need to continue to work hard at supporting GIS professionals by offering workshops and other training opportunities. We also need to continue to advance the profession and increase awareness through events like GIS Day. Getting GIS widely adopted into our schools should be a top priority.

We need to continue to reach out to the private sector and embrace those tools and services that best allow us to do our work. The discipline would not be where it is today without the research and development of the private sector. Finally, it is imperative that we continue to grow the organization by recruiting new members and mentoring those new to the profession.

The Ongoing Advancement of Spatial Technologies

Advancements in technology have once again increased the awareness of geospatial technologies in everyday lives. Widespread access to information networks from smart devices to desktop computers has brought the efforts of GIS practitioners into the lives of millions across the globe.

Tools exist today that allow rapid visualization of the earth's surface and the man-made and natural features that ride above, on and under it. In addition to the ability to map geographic features, the advancement of GIS has allowed different types of potentially unrelated data to become integrated by the common characteristic of location. Such integration results in the ability to communicate and share ideas using a common platform for all to see. Using spatial analysis for collaboration with different stakeholders can lead to increased geographic knowledge, which in turn can lead to better decision making.

As Geographic Information Systems continue to enjoy the sunshine period that has surrounded the technology from day one, new ways to use the tools continue to emerge. Homeland Security, Emergency Management and Public Healthcare - to name just a few - have seen tremendous growth and adoption of this amazing technology over the past few years.

Getting Involved with the Nevada Geographic Information Society

It is a great time to be working with such a powerful technology. It is the goal of NGIS to provide as much value as possible for those practitioners who tap into the toolset and make a difference in the State of Nevada. A major goal over the next few years will be to continue to reach out to practitioners across the state and beyond and provide additional opportunities to advance, and build on, the solid foundation already established. The strong relationships developed over the years between the northern and southern urban centers of the State need to continue to expand to include our rural partners in some of the less populated parts of the State.

Take the time to get involved and share your insight on what is best for Nevada when it comes to GIS and the sharing and dissemination of tools and techniques that have been developed along the way. We look forward to the years to come as we continue to take GIS in the State to the next level. Reach out to any of us on the NGIS Board to learn more about the organization and how to get involved. Thanks for being a part of NGIS.

GIS as a Profession

During the past few decades GIS as a profession has also grown tremendously. Today there are numerous opportunities in higher education offering both undergraduate and advanced degrees in GIS. Certification opportunities now exist to demonstrate proficiency and commitment to the field. There is no question that GIS continues to be a discipline and profession of choice on the rise.

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